Some of our work has focused on what we describe as “high profile” collective bargaining agreement (CBA) provisions. These 43 high profile provisions have been the topic of policy discussion and debate in recent years, and were identified based on prior work in California and Washington (e.g., Cowen & Strunk, 2015; Marianno, 2015). These key provisions generally fall into the following contract areas:

(i) context/union dues;

(ii) compensation;

(iii) class size;

(iv) teacher evaluation;

(v) grievances and layoffs;

(vi) school day schedule;

(vii) transfers and vacancies

In one of our more recent papers (Strunk et al. 2018) we examine how these key provisions vary across states as well as how they vary, locally, based on particular school district characteristics. If you would like to explore high profile provision data from California, Michigan, and Washington state on your own, you can access our dataset HERE.

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