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Joshua Cowen

Associate Professor of Education Policy
Faculty Co-Director, Education Policy Innovation Collaborative (EPIC)
College of Education
Michigan State University
Co-Editor, Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis 
Twitter: @joshcowenMSU

Dan Goldhaber

Vice President, American Institutes for Research

Director & Affiliate Professor, Center for Education Data & Research, University of Washington


Twitter: @CEDR_US

Katharine Strunk

Professor of Education Policy and, by courtesy, Economics

Clifford E. Erickson Distinguished Chair in Education

Co-Director, Education Policy Innovation Collaborative

College of Education, Michigan State University

Associate Editor, Education Finance & Policy

(517) 884-6289

Twitter: @KatharineStrunk

Tara Kilbride

PhD Candidate, Measurement and Quantitative Methods, Michigan State University

Twitter: @Tara_Kilbridge

Brad Marianno

Assistant Professor of Educational Policy & Leadership, University of Nevada, Las Vegas

Twitter: @BradMarianno

Roddy Theobald

Senior Researcher, American Institutes for Research